Mireille and Jonathan, founders of ExcursionWorld.

ExcursionWorld was started by 2 professionals in the travel industry who realized that the things people will remember most of their vacation are not their room or flight but the activities they enjoyed once they were at their destination. Just think back about your favorite vacation memory: swimming with dolphins, visiting the pyramids, climbing the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Scuba diving in the Caribbean.

Strangely enough it used to be hard to find out what tours and excursions were offered at different destinations so that vacationers usually just had to rely on what the hotel or cruise ship offered or had to run around, loosing vacation time, trying to find out information. ExcursionWorld decided to make a major change in the travel industry by offering complete information on all tours and excursions that are offered on all travel destinations. ExcursionWorld is dedicated to offering you the activities that you are looking for and the experiences that you'll remember.

ExcursionWorld does not organize any of the tours or excursions that you will find on our site but acts as an intermediary between you and all independent tour providers. Hotels and travel agents usually deal with the largest operations because they can handle large volumes and offer higher commissions.

We are open to all tour providers, from the fishing guide who can handle only 2 fishermen at a time, to the large tour provider who do bus tours to all major attractions. We offer you the largest choice at the guaranteed lowest price that you will find.

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